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In Search of Wanda (Pt. 2) or Thoughts on a Pastoral Retreat

Blue Ridge, Georgia. My thoughts: Beautiful! Peaceful. Blank stares from the locals. Mountains. God. Abundant Grace. Sovereign God. Fellowship as it was meant to be. The right moment at the right time.
We had a violent spring storm complete with a fantastic lightening show. It happened in the early afternoon. My friend Bob was napping on the couch during the loudest thunderstorm that I had ever experienced. The entire cabin shook under the cracks of electricity. Bob never moved. He was either dead or had taken the “being Christ incarnate” thing a little too far. It actually was in character with him. Things that most men would find important are of little interest to Bob as far as the ministry is concerned. His prayers are deeply simplistic and touch the heart of God. I see him as a mixture of John the Baptist and John the Beloved. Unique, unafraid of controversy, and committed.
I thought of how I should be more like that. I have a lot of work to do. I need to be at the place where I see even the frightening and unplanned for catastrophesare a part of life and that I am called to walk in reality, not feigning spirituality.

I hope to find Wanda next year. At least to return and ask if she still holds employment at the Ingles Grocery Store. To see if the same gentleman with the blank stare and grating voice can in some small way direct me to the woman who holds the answers. The woman who became a personal example of a search that we all participated in. Thank you Wanda – we love you.
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