Hi Ho Silver, Away!

I find it amusing that The Lone Ranger had a sidekick. So I guess he really wasn’t a lone ranger just The Lone Ranger. Those of us who pastor a traditional contemporary church understand all too well the problems that lone rangers bring to the table. Herein is our dilemma – moving from the consumer mentality to one of collective vision that sparks a missional response.A.God seems to speak to lone rangers alone and in a very personal manner which leads to spiritual arrogance. Community emasculates the problem. Community embodies the body. Community affirms the individual by acknowledging their place in the whole.B. Lone rangers do not feel valued unless they are in control. The writers of the New Testament are adamant that we are to be servants; servants of God who prepares and equips us to be servants to people. We are never dismissed from our responsibilities of servitude.It becomes increasingly important not to empower the lone rangers. We need to become sensitive to the Holy Spirit and His guidance as a body. Individual gifts and strengths are only effective within the body. When practiced solo they lead to arrogance and spiritual pride.

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