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Doing Our Job

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.” Matt. 5:7

Mercy is defined by Webster as “kindness and compassion.” The Greek word has the same meaning – “compassionate.” This is an area that evangelicals could improve. There has often been a great divide between personal faith and ministry. Ministry is improperly viewed as something we do separately from who we are. Our own fellowship with whom we are a part has a ministry division known as “Compassion Ministries.” It was recently developed to meet the needs of those less fortunate.
In reality, our personal faith should be full of mercy and compassion. We should naturally want to help and assist those with overwhelming needs. The selected verse reads like the sowing principle mentioned by Jesus. We reap what we sow. If we sow mercy we shall receive mercy. In recent decades a “hardness” has crept into our ranks and separated us with a judgmental spirit. There can be a harshness about our views of the impoverished or those in counter-cultures. Mercy is what separates the Christian faith from many others. We value life. We value the “underdog.” We value those less fortunate than ourselves. We see them as Jesus sees them.
If we purposefully strive to be merciful we will be “blessed” or “happy.” We will have the inner satisfaction of the affirmation of God in our lives. We will not only know that it is the right thing to do but we will “feel good” doing it.

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    Thanks! I appreciate the comment.

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