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The Eagle and the Cornfield

I was driving through a portion of southern Minnesota this week during a warming period. The temperatures have been unseasonably warm and the snow cover sparse. For those who do not live in this area, southern Minnesota is home to great expanses of soybean and corn fields. The crops thrive in the rich ink black soil. The scanty snow settles among the rows of golden cut corn stalks creating beautiful symmetric patterns. The sky was a clear winter blue that contrasted with the harvested fields. It was one of those days that made you feel alive inside.

English: Bald eagle

I came up over the top of a small rise on the road and noticed a lone bald eagle sitting in the corn field. It’s head was turning taking in the environment. He appeared large, regal and majestic sitting in the barrenness of once abundant crops. My first thought was, “He’s out-of-place. He should be soaring the thermals not sitting in a field.” The scene played itself over in my mind several times throughout the day.

It occurred to me that sometimes I am as that eagle. I’ve been created in Christ Jesus for good works that He prepared beforehand that I should walk in them. (Eph.2:10) I was created for the glory of God that He should shine through me to glorify Himself. I was created by God for greater things other than sitting in corn fields watching  the world pass by.

I wanted to see the eagle push himself from the cold black earth and take flight with graceful and powerful thrusts of his wings. To mount himself into the heavens and soar where he belonged. He was created to fly. I want to be living daily in the way that best honors God. I wish to do what I was created to do, to soar in thermals of God’s sovereignty. May God be seen in me and glorified for who He is.

English: A God´s Fool Sitting On the Snow, by ...
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